Thursday, 9 June 2011

Beef Trade

Tasmanian farmers host women who rule in Japan beef trade

Some of the most influential women in Tasmania’s beef trade with Japan are visiting the state to ascertain for themselves the quality and value of our beef to the Japanese diet.

The women all work as sales advisors and food demonstrators in the Japanese retail sector. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), which has brought them to Tasmania, see them as key players in the weekly shop, traditionally the province of women in Japan.

“Most food purchasing decisions are made by women in Japan, even when they are dining out,” says MLA’s manager of Japanese trade services Miho Kondo. “Many women in Japan are working professionally as well as looking after their family. They are also are more health conscious than men. We want to promote the healthy aspects of Australian beef, particularly iron, as many Japanese women suffer from iron deficiency.”

The party will visit John Bruce’s beef property at Circular Head today (Wednesday) and Paul Saward’s at Redpa tomorrow.

“The women in this group are not buyers and so would not normally come to Tasmania or Australia to look at our beef,” chairman of the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association’s Meat Council Brett Hall said.

“But the role they play in the retail sector is pivotal. Their opinions carry a lot of weight with their own buyers and with consumers.

“This trip will strengthen the relationship between Tasmanian producers and retailers.”

Japan is Tasmania’s biggest customer for beef with the Tasmania Feedlot at Powranna, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese Aeon retail group, alone accounting for $45 million worth of beef exports a year.

Members of the Japanese retail tour group:
  • Delicatessen buyer Takako Otsuki (Ito Yokado retail group);
  • Food merchandiser Saori Arakawa (Daiei);
  • Delicatessen buyer Kurumi Koike (Uny);
  • Meat supervisor Minako Ariki (Prima ham);
  • Food advisor Yuri Endo (Higashi Nippon Food);
  • Sales promoter Orie Kodaka (Starzen Ko-Iki Sales);
  • Food merchandise manager Ryoko Miyamoto (Nichirei Foods);
  • MLA Japan regional manager Melanie Brock;
  • Miho Kondo (MLA);
  • Retail and trade manager Shuichi Kitano (MLA).
            Two trade journalists will accompany the group.

FIND OUT MORE : Contact Jan Davis 0409 004 228 or Brett Hall 0459 316 258

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