Tuesday, 2 August 2011

WIRL Meetings

Hi Everyone!
Thankyou, to all the participants in our first aid course. We completed our
level 1 workplace certificate and had a fantastic time. It was wonderful to
meet you all. 

The course was instructed by Paul Cooper from St John
Ambulance, who did a great job. He was very informative, encouraging and
quick witted, which in turn made the day go very quickly. 

There was also a
lot of interest, in the possibility of doing the level 2 course. Which Paul
would be more than happy to instruct. 

I hope you have all received your
receipts in the post from St John Ambulance, and our certificates should be
following shortly. 

We are also still waiting to hear if we were successful in
the grant application. If we are, I will contact you all to arrange your

Our next guest speaker:
Greg Hinds
The Tasmania Fire Service

will be doing a demonstration
about fire safety in and around the home.

Our next meeting:
Date: Monday 8th August 2011
Time: 1.30p.m. – 2.45p.m.
Venue: Exeter Show Grounds Luncheon Room

(Donated by the Exeter Show Committee)

So come along for a chat and a coffee, and throw your ideas forward, on
different topics you may want to discuss, or find out more about.
Looking forward to seeing you there!!!!

(Remember kids are most welcome to attend with their parent/s)

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