Thursday, 24 March 2011

Gardens for Wildlife

'Gardens for Wildlife'
a new voluntary nature conservation scheme

It aims to encourage and recognise people who are providing wildlife-friendly spaces and environment-friendly sustainable practices in urban and suburban gardens. 

‘Gardens for Wildlife’ provides an opportunity for the wider
community to get involved in conserving native species and to show their support for protecting our natural environment.

No matter how small our garden – be it plant containers, or a courtyard, roof top garden, deck or larger space – we can
all contribute to the survival of wildlife by providing suitable places (habitat) for birds, insects, frogs and other animals.

Membership fee is $16.50 and members receive an attractive ‘Garden for Wildlife’ sign for display on your front gate or
letter box, a copy of the ‘Gardens for Wildlife – Sharing our gardens with wildlife’ booklet, GFW sticker and membership

For further advice contact the ‘Gardens for Wildlife’ Co-ordinator, Iona Mitchell on 62336427 or email or visit

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